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Welcome to North Angel College

Offers external qualifications in Business, IT & Law  related subjects. The college aims to fully focus on its areas of core competencies to achieve the best possible exam results.


We have adopted some very effective and pretested strategies to deliver high standard education. These strategies include recruitment of experienced staff, exam focused lecturing, detailed policies on course administration & balanced workload. We have also set up a continuous system of course evaluation and courses assessments. These policies have been adopted to ensure that exam success becomes a norm at NAC.


The management and lecturers at NAC are very determined to provide assistance and support to students on one-to-one basis, both inside and outside the class. All staff is determined to treat our students with due care, respect and professionalism.


We, therefore, welcome you all to apply to study at NAC. Please feel free to contact the college should you have any enquiries. You can also apply online through our website.


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